EtherAddressLookup (Extension)A multi-purpose browser extension for Ethereum users
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A browser extension built in 2017 to tackle crypto phishing and offer a suite of utility tools.

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🔗 Linkify Ethereum Addresses

EAL will scan for Ethereum addresses (0x661b5...69b38bc) that aren't in an anchor tag on the page and link them to your favourite explorer - now all Ethereum address strings link to a block explorer.

Also, if you hover over the address, it will tell you how much ETH is associated with the address and how many transactions out it has!

🚫 Block you from malicious domains

EAL has 3 domain blacklists that are updated daily to ensure you don't browse to known malicious domains designed to steal your private keys/$ETH

EAL stores these blacklists locally so no third-party server is being hit on every page load. Blacklists are pulled every ~5 minutes from Infura and Github servers.

Get protected by;

✔️ History Checker

With a click of a button you can check your browser history to see if you've recently been on a now-known bad domain.

🔍 Block Explorer

Search the blockchain with an 0x address or transaction hash and get human readable results.

📑 Bookmark your favourite domains

Bookmark your favourite cryptocurrency related domains to be shown in the extension. No need to remember domains or trust links when you can use these bookmarks.

✏️ Custom RPC node

Make all RPC calls go to your own node so you know you can rely on the data given back about addresses.

EAL comes supplied with a Quiknode node so you can use this feature if you don't have your own node.

🐦 Twitter Trust Badges

Get a warning badge and a verified badge next to Twitter handles - data you can trust. This is EALs way to combat phishing/scams on Twitter

🏷️ Add Labels to Addresses

You can add color-coded labels to addresses so you can quickly lookup or identify an address.

The labels show up when you hover on each address too!