EtherAddressLookup Extension (Packaged Chrome & Firefox Extension)

Chrome Extension:

Firefox Extension:

Note: If you wish to manually install, go to this GitHub repository for installation instructions (

You can support development by donating ETH or ERC20 tokens to 0x661b5dc032bedb210f225df4b1aa2bdd669b38bc1.

Release Notes


  • EAL will now put a badge next to each Twitter handle. Green means verified, red is bad! This means at a glance you can see if the handle is trusted by the extension!

CryptoInfluencers has provided us with the top 1,000 Twitter handles with influence in the crypto scene so HUGE shoutout to them!

There are 3 different coloured Twitter badges which you can read about in our wiki.

This feature is enabled by default, but you can toggle it on/off to your liking.




  • EAL now has the ability to add labels to addresses! By going to the “Labels” tab, you can create a label, add a color to the label, and choose which address to associate it with. The labels will be displayed on the address hover box -
    • You could plan to color code the labels to have, for example;
      • Green labels as your exchange deposit addresses
      • Yellow labels as your friends addresses, and
      • Blue addresses for community donation addresses!
  • EAL now has the option to inject a signature into the page - which can be toggled off. In coming days we will be releasing a small webpage that will generate a .js file that webmasters can use to prompt users to install EAL if the signature is not injected. This will come in handy for those running domains that are targetted by phishers and have phishing domains blacklisted on the EAL blacklists (including 3rd party lists - iosiro or segasec)


  • Added logic to blacklist all punycode domains. This will help tackle phishing in a big way as we are seeing a lot of IDN homograph attack domains on places such as coinbase, poloniex, mycrypto, and myetherwallet. This means you won’t have to worry so much about checking the domain carefully for characters, i.e.: or mycrypø̄.com)
    • This block is toggable, but by default it’s turned on.
  • Adjusted edit distance for from 7 to 5 to prevent a lot of false-positives.


  • EAL is now on the Firefox store!


  • EAL now provides the ability for address lookups to use your own custom node (in the settings view). You can also toggle the address lookup utility on and off.


  • EAL has now increased its efforts to quickly redirect its users away from phishing attacks by consuming 2 trusted 3rd party blacklists managed by; iosiro and segasec. The option to use these 3rd party blacklists is up to you, and you can toggle it on/off whenever you like, though it will be beneficial to keep it enabled (they’ve both fed multiple domains to me directly to blacklist before v1.13.)


  • 🍾 Mega-thanks to for providing the RPC node that we make calls on! When you hover over an address, it’ll give you the ETH balance and the number of transactions going out. If the address is a contract address, it’ll also give a small label telling you it is.


  • EAL will now display an notice on an ENS name that has ZWC characters in them. This should help reduce bad actors attack vectors with trying to imitate trusted ENS domains (Although all clients to date are compliant and strip bad characters out, it may help with new clients not adhering to the spec well).


  • An address that is linkified by EAL will now show the blocky/identicon for the address. This will help you identify the address easier with a small unique graphic.


  • ENS domains are now linkified to your favourite block explorer. This means you can click a .eth domain and it’ll take you to the block explorer you have selected.


  • Punycode domains are now converted to be able to perform a Levenshtien edit distance against This will help prevent those phishing domains like myetheŗ automatically.


  • You’re now able to grant an optional permission to EAL to allow a read from your history to check for the last 500 entries to see if you visited a site that wasn’t blacklisted, but now is.


  • The extension now comes pre-loaded with 6 bookmarks. You are able to toggle the bookmarks on/off by clicking on “More Settings”. You are also able to modify the bookmarks to be anything you want.


  • You’re now able to quickly report a malicious domain via EtherScamDB


  • Firefox is now supported for manual load not by the Mozilla Firefox store.


  • Due to the recent phishing campaigns going on, we have decided to start a domain blacklist, and the extension will try to help you from being phished by removing the ability for you to interact with the blacklisted domain by wiping the DOM and displaying a notice. This functionality is toggleable, but it’s best to keep it on.
    • If you find a domain that look suspicious and/or confirmed stealing private keys/being malicious, send a pull request or open an issue.


  • You can now select your favourite blockchain explorer for links to direct you to.


  • This extension will search the DOM for any Ether address (a hexidecimal string) and add a link to it to your favourite blockchain explorer. It will give you the option to add a highlight option so you can easily find addresses.