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EthAddressLookup Chrome Extension (Packaged Chrome Extension)

Categories: ethereum, and extension
Posted: 02 July 2017

Chrome Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/etheraddresslookup/pdknmigbbbhmllnmgdfalmedcmcefdfn

Note: If you wish to manually install, go to this GitHub repository for installation instructions (https://github.com/409H/EtherAddressLookup).


  • Due to the recent phishing campaigns going on, we have decided to start a domain blacklist, and the extension will try to help you from being phished by removing the ability for you to interact with the blacklisted domain by wiping the DOM and displaying a notice. This functionality is toggleable, but it’s best to keep it on.
    • If you find a domain that look suspicious and/or confirmed stealing private keys/being malicious, send a pull request or open an issue.


  • You can now select your favourite blockchain explorer for links to direct you to.


  • This extension will search the DOM for any Ether address (a hexidecimal string) and add a link to it to your favourite blockchain explorer. It will give you the option to add a highlight option so you can easily find addresses.