EtherSecurityLookup Chrome Extension (Packaged Chrome Extension)

Chrome Extension:

Note: If you wish to manually install, go to this GitHub repository for installation instructions (

You can support development by donating ETH or ERC20 tokens to 0x661b5dc032bedb210f225df4b1aa2bdd669b38bc

Release Notes



  • False-positives for Twitter verified accounts have been fixed. Logic to check the Twitter handle won’t run on Twitter Verified accounts.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the “verified” logo to not show at time.
  • Added a link to report flagged tweets
  • The extension will pull the whitelist every 10 minutes


  • When performing the match against the whitelist (in the worker file), it’ll use the whitelist stored in your LocalStorage that is fetched from GitHub. This will allow us to push verified accounts to you.


  • EtherSecurityLookup will now display a badge next to the handles that are in the whitelist.


  • Detects Twitter handles similar to ones in the whitelist and puts an alert around the tweet.