Twitter Bot: @Beeple69MPublished: Apr 21st, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Motivation for the bot

Beeple is a 3D artist, and has been releasing art every single day for the past 13 years. He has recently started selling his art (some as 1/1) as NFTs. He's been making a lot of money as the NFT community welcomed him with open arms. He's an incredible artist and has a lot of amazing work!

You can check his work out here:

On Feburary 16, Christies (a famous auction house) tweeted that they would be auctioning off a collage of the first 5,000 days of Beeples work.

This auction started "slow" and there were "expert opinons" that this auction would reach around the $20,000,000 level. Bids started flowing in and reached the $60,000,000 level - the winning bidder was @justinsuntron at this time.

With only a couple of seconds left, an (at the time) anonymous bidder came in and won the auction by bidding $69,346,250. Incredible! 🤯

You can read my tweet thread about the auction from the $60M bid

This is a historic moment for NFTs. A digital piece of art fetching ~$70M at auction with payment in $ETH. Some weeks later, it was said that Beeple sold all the $ETH that he received from the sale into USD.

I decided to build a bot to document the value Beeple would have if he kept the entire fortune in cryptocurrency.

After 13 days, the tweet impressions are relatively very well!

Your Tweets earned 309.1K impressions over this 13 day period

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The Bot, technicals and behaviour

On April 04, 2021 I deployed a bot to tweet periodically (once per day at 1800UTC) the calculations of Beeples holdings if he kept it in $ETH.

The bot works by calling CoinGecko API for the current aggregated market price of $ETH and multiplying it by the recorded (estimated) units of $ETH Beeple received. It is a simple script written in PHP and makes use of Heroku Scheduler to run everyday at a certain time.
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